New Intro to Legendary RPG Video, RPGs and Relationships

A still from the title sequence of a video about Legendary RPG.

In a personal/professional milestone, I have published my first video blog: an introduction to Legendary RPG. The video is designed to give new players an overview of what tabletop roleplaying games are, what makes them so fun, and how Legendary RPG is the first step in my mission to bring roleplaying games to a wider audience.

I acknowledge that this was an awkward first attempt at finding my video blogging voice, but I’m happy with the outcome. What I like about the video blog format is that reaching out through video feels like a closer relationship to my audience than writing words on a page.  Video blogging is a much more personal form of communication, including body language and tone, which makes for a closer relationship.  Filming and editing the video blog served to remind me that relationships will be a key part of developing, marketing, and playing Legendary RPG.

Relationships are hugely important in roleplaying in general.  Most people are guided into the hobby by a patient family member or friend.  Also, roleplayers tend to form long-term friendships around their games, since play involves constant conversation, and a series of games can last for years with the same players and characters.  For me, this is one of the main attractions of RPGs; the games are fun, but in addition to the creative buzz you get from playing them, they also foster interaction and relationships like few other pass times.

Of course, in some ways, the size of the RPG community has been limited by hobby’s reliance on personal relationships as the sole marketing/sales model… but that’s another blog.  Stay tuned for a post on why RPGs remain a small, niche market despite being crazy fun.