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Legendary Roleplaying Game: Epic Powers, Epic Fun

Friends enjoying a roleplaying game.

Character: You, comfortable in your nerdiness, looking for a creative outlet, and looking to connect with other self-actualized nerds.  Intelligence high, social skills anywhere on the spectrum, and +5 boredom because you finished all the good movies from your Netflix queue.

Scene: Your swanky living room, dungeonous basement, favorite cafe, or local gaming store.

Challenge: How do you connect with friends, scratch your creative itch, and escape to the world of your favorite shows or books?

Resolution: You find the mysterious, long-lost Legendary Roleplaying Game!

A Simple & highly customizable roleplaying game

Legendary has simple game mechanics that can be themed and customized to your hearts content.  Create your own, character-driven powers, in any setting including fantasy, horror, comic-book superhero, and sci-fi.

Built for dramatic, character-driven stories

Story tellers across genres have always known that the most compelling stories about larger-than-life heroes also include the heroes’ epic weaknesses: the side-effects of magic, the toll technology takes on humanity, the esoteric weakness of arcane beings, or the overlooked the Achilles heel. Craft compelling stories like these with your friends and the help of Legendary Roleplaying Game.

In Legendary, each use of a character’s powers feeds the character’s unique weakness. Linking powers and weaknesses makes it easier for players to develop rich, multidimensional characters.  It presents characters with interesting choices around when to use their powers, and when to avoid using them.  Also, the power-weakness link gives game masters additional story hooks and heightens drama, making it easier craft memorable stories.

In development—Wait, what?

Legendary Roleplaying Game has already been through several rounds of feedback, testing, and revision, and it’s going to have plenty more.  Varza Games is currently planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign for Legendary production in the summer of 2016.  Until then, join our email list to hear about progress, play testing opportunities, and other chances to give feedback—leave your mark on the game!

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