About Varza Games

Varza Games, the creator of Tox RPG, is a mom-and-pop indie RPG shop.  Varza aims to make the creativity and friendships of roleplaying games accessible to all nerds and would-be nerds.

About the Team


Founder Alec Sorensen was introduced to D&D 2nd edition in elementary school by his older brother, and played a plethora of roleplaying games through middle school and into high school, including CyberPunk 2020, GURPS, Rifts, World of Darkness, and Shadow Run and made many friends playing them.

Alec lost track of roleplaying games for a bit while he found himself in college and figured out how to be web developer.  Later, he picked up RPGs again while Meg was recovering from surgery. Alec found the latest version of one of his favorite RPGs and they both fell in love with it. Since then, Alec has played more RPGs and made more friends.  Alec thinks there are few things better than being creative and nerdy while making friends.

When Alec isn’t play testing/revising Tox, reading articles on RPGs, or updating the Varza website, he builds educational websites or plays guitar with his two-year-old son.


Meg speaks a lot of a languages and has a number of creative talents, including dancing, singing, and drawing. She’s an exercise and healthy eating coach, currently training to become a life coach.  Meg play tests legendary, corrals other play testers, copy edits, and sanity checks new game features.