Varza Games: Break week, moving to Japan.

Varza games is currently in the middle of several posts that brain dump the material for what will be a Tox fantasy adventure. We’ve covered the world, the player characters, and two initial stages of the story: introduction to the problem and further investigation. We’ll pick up next week with the third stage: action. What are characters going to do resolve their problem?

Behind the Scenes at Varza

Like many indie tabletop-RPG studies, Meg and I both have had day jobs. Tox RPG is a work of passion; I drive the development, while Meg tests and copy edits big releases. Recently, we’ve undergone a major change! Meg has found her dream job of developing the curriculum for a small English-teaching job in Japan. We spent about 24 hours traveling yesterday and arrived in Yuzawa, a small ski town where Meg’s school is located.

For me (Alec), this moves means more free time to develop Tox RPG. Previously, I worked full time in Silicon Valley building web apps. When I got home, I watched kids,and then worked on Tox RPG in the evening and on weekends. Now, I’ll spend a good chunk of the work day watching kids, but I’ll be able to hand them off to Meg in the earlier afternoon for some time to work on my passion projects during the day.

Our goals for the upcoming year are to release an initial version of Tox RPG, created some ready-made adventures for people to try out, and build our fan base. We’ll be working hard to support those early pioneers who are adopting the system and running stories, and incorporating their feedback into the product. All of these will be easier to accomplish with my increased free time during the day.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to growing Tox at a faster rate.

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