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Launching Tox RPG Kickstarter, Slaying Dragons

The Tox RPG Kickstarter is LIVE at! We’re super excited, and not just because someone gave us money before we could even write the blog post! On our Kickstarter page, you can find the link to our 30-page Tox Demo Rules. Go to the page, download the rules, and tell us what you think.

Also, if you haven’t liked the new Tox Facebook page, do that! There will be contests for Tox Kickstarter T-shirts. Just saying.

Why You Should Back Tox RPG

  • Tox RPG allows you to quickly custom design powers that fit your character like a glove.
  • Tox RPG makes it easy to craft challenging obstacles, new story arcs, and character development. Using your powers unlocks a unique, harmful side-effect that creates new twists in your story.
  • Tox RPG is quick to learn, teach, and play. We made creating your own unique powers quick, we made everything else even quicker. Simple stats, simple equipment, and you can resolve any challenge with just a few types of rolls.
  • Tox RPG allows you to recreate your favorite genres and worlds, or cook up your own! Instead of handing you rigid, preset classes and powers, we designed themes and templates that allow you to easily make up your own classes and powers.

Why You Should Share the Kickstarter Page with Friends

  • So you have people to play Tox RPG with!
  • The more funding the book gets, the more character options, example settings, and illustrations there will be. So once you back the project, share it with your friends to level up the book you’ll be receiving.

The Dragons of Last Minute Catastrophe

It’s taken a lot of work to get here (most recently, writing a 30-page book), but our launch day has been ridiculous. Today alone, Varza email broke, the site went down, and the printer at the Office Max broke, too, before we could get our fliers printed.  If you’ve ever tried do something both creative and visible to a large audience, you know that things always break in the most spectacular fashion right before your deadline or opening night. You’re never ready (enough), there’s always something not working as planned, and there’s always a hundred-other things clamoring for your attention. Here’s how we deal with at Varza Games:

  • We freak out, but only for moment.
  • We break things down into lists. Problems are a lot heavier when you carry them all in your head.
  • We take breaks to help other, if only for a few minutes. Stepping away from the computer and getting some distance helps us see the bigger picture and options we hadn’t considered before.
  • We make sure we express some gratitude along with problem-solving discussions or venting frustration.
  • We focus on our purpose: bringing friends together and unlocking their creativity.
  • We think about how awesome the book we’re making is going to be.

We know this Kickstarter month is going to be crazy and challenging, but it will also be creative, fulfilling, exciting, and full of help from family, friends, and fans. Thanks for all your support!


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