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We’ve been pretty silent on the blog front because we’ve been very busy working on the product and getting ready for our RPG Kickstarter, which will start next week (8/30 or 8/31). What’s new, you ask?

Legendary RPG is now Tox RPG

Legendary was a wonderful working title, but it was a little too generic for our final project. It reflected the epic, larger-than-life type of characters you can build with your super powers and super weaknesses. However, our working title didn’t express the heart of what sets our game apart: the way game masters can trigger a personalized weakness or side effect after a character uses their unique superpowers. That connection between powers (called “gifts”) and side effects (call “tox”) is the heart of the game, so we decided that Tox RPG would be the final name of our product.

Glad we got that settled a week before the Kickstarter!

The name change has triggered a number of other changes for us:

  • The old has been moved to
  • Our legendary Facebook page (, with almost 5K followers, couldn’t be changed to Tox… so now we have a new page: To the 23 of you who have already moved, thank you! To the rest: like the new page for contests, up-to-date news, and free stuff!
  • Sweet, sweet new TOX RPG logo from our artist, Randy Hagmann!
  • Lastly, since we have a new website, we have a new Varza Games logo by yours truly. If you’re curious where the green shape (and what our name means), type ‘varza’ into a Romanian-English translator.

Varza Games Logo

Stay Tuned for Free Demo Rules, Kickstarter + More

You have a lot to look forward to in the next week! We’re in the final stages of editing our Tox Demo Rules, which we will post online for free. We’ll be announcing our Kickstarter campaign. And in just over a week, we’ll be at Pacificon play testing the game, handing out some T-shirts and copies of the Demo Rules.

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