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Play testing Legendary at the upcoming Pacificon Game Expo!

I’m looking forward to testing Legendary RPG at the Pacificon Game Expo labor day weekend! The game will be a spoof of teen monster dramas, so I’ve named the session Tiffany the Twilight Slayer and the Diary of Secrets.  It will be the longest play test of Legendary yet, lasting from 9am to 4pm!  We’ll have a lunch break, though.

Up to 5 players will take on iconic teen monster / supernatural roles: the chosen one, the mentor, the goofy friend, the dangerously dependent friend/romantic interest, and the rival (a.k.a. the indispensable jerk).  The game will open with a busy high school, character-developing scene of bickering, getting snubbed, getting a lecture, etc.  However, all the high school drama will fade into the background as the “unlikely” group discovers a book that reveals supernatural evil lurking beneath the school’s mundane facade.  Or maybe the high school drama won’t fade, and the characters will be bickering as they get eaten by monsters.  Either way, fun times!

This play test catches Legendary at an interesting time. I’m halfway through a substantial revision of the rules, based on my initial two group tests.  I’m overhauling how attributes and skills work.  Also making some more minor revisions. I’m changing the dice rolling mechanic a bit to something simpler but roughly equivalent.  Lastly, I’m changing one of the default settings of characters powers.  More on the rules updates in a later post.

In addition to all the rule updates, I’m also changing my underlying technology for the demo.  Previously, I’d been using Google Sheets as my prototype of an interactive-character sheet.  The next generation, however, is an actual web application in Angular and Bootstrap, which will allow for embedding help text, making fancier calculations, and in-app die rolling.

How much of the updates I can hack together in  week and a half?  Well, we’ll see.


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